a r t - i n - w a r & f a s h i o n

Gaza, 2000.

Paris, 2006.
Photographs by Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photo
Falluja, Iraq, 2004.
Milan, Italy, 2012.
Photographs by Jerome Sessini/Magnum Photo
Cairo, 2011.
New York, 2005
Photographs by Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum Photo
Ajdabiya, Libya, 2011. 
Milan, Italy, 2012.
Photographs by Jerome Sessini/Magnum Photo
Kosovo, 1999.
Paris, 2009.
Photographs by Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum Photo
Kabul, Afghanistan, 2004.
Paris, 2008.
Photographs by Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photo
Cairo, 2011.

Paris, 2010.
Photographs by Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum Photo
West Bank, 2006.

Paris, 2008.
Photographs by Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photo

One lens, two completely different worlds! A fascinating perspective and composition of war and fashion photography. Click here to read an interesting and in-depth interview with the photographers written by CNN's journalist Moni Basu.

Photo Credit: CNN


l i a n n e - l a - h a v a s

It's been two years since I last wrote an entry and nothing other than music has the capable ability of reviving the life of this blog :) I am currently obsessed with Lianne La Havas - English soul and folk singer. Completely smitten by her voice and songwriting. Have a listen to this 'Tease Me' and 'Empty' number from her debut album 'Is Your Love Big Enough?' and Happy Monday!

Video Credit: Nowness & You Tube 
Photo Credit: Last FM


g e l + p v c

Loving! these aqua-gel filled PVC clutches from Christopher Kane, a Central St Martins graduate and design star. He stepped into the scene in 2006 at London Fashion Week and introduced a combination of pretty and magnetic provocative styles that has put his name under the fashion radar. 

Photo credit: Net-A-Porter


p i c a s s o - h e r o e s & v i l l a i n s


Pablo Picasso and Pop Culture Icons equals to pie-in-the-sky brilliance! If Picasso was still alive, the result of his superheroes and villains inspired series would come close to these artworks. WonderBros, the design company who made these compositions, called it "Artworks so awesome it will melt your face off!" I have always been a big fan of their blog and I love love love these artworks. Long live superpowers!!!

Photo credit: WonderBros

r j - i n v a d e s

The marriage of high-end timepiece house, RJ Romain Jerome and retro gaming culture, Space Invaders is a definite match made in heaven for rich Space Invaders junkies! Available in two 78-piece limited editions, one with colored Invaders and the other with white ($TBA). These watches are made from steel combined with fragments from the Apollo 11 capsule and designed like a strongbox. Ready to conquer and facilitate. RAD!

Photo credit: RJ


m y - b a b y - j u s t - c a r e s - f o r - m e

It's Monday and I'm back in Jakarta. Woke up early due to jet lagged, had a slice of baked banana bread from starbucks, did Pilates, showered and it is only noon. I'm a SPOON full of happy! Completely loving life and the people in it. Celebrating the day with the one and only Ms. Nina Simone. Thank you my <3


d a l í - m u s e u m

Figueres translates to 'fig trees' in Catalan. The town is located around 2 hours from Barcelona. It is the birth place of Salvador Dalí and houses Teatre-Museu Gala Salvador Dalí, a museum dedicated to Dalí's work and influences. The museum was fully designed and artistically thought out by the artist himself and first opened it's doors in September 28, 1974. I have waited for so long for this day to come and it was truly an unbelievable experience. Remarkable is an understatement. The experience was overwhelming and screaming with eccentric creativity. The Dalí museum is such an important educational treasure of the arts!

The Scuba Diver Statue is placed above the main entrance of the museum to invite visitors to swim into the deepest darkest waters of the soul, in this case Salvador Dalí's.

The Basket of Bread (1945)

 Figures Lying On The Sand (1926)

 The Spectre of Sex-Appeal (1934)

 Portrait of Pablo Picasso in the Twenty-first Century (1947). A piece from a series of portraits of Geniuses.

 Enigmatic Elements in A Landscape (1934)

The Crypt Where The Artist Was Burried

Untitled (1983). "Queue d'aronde" and Cellos from the Catastrophes Series. The last piece Salvador Dalí painted before his death.

Photo credit: Adinda S