p i c a s s o - h e r o e s & v i l l a i n s


Pablo Picasso and Pop Culture Icons equals to pie-in-the-sky brilliance! If Picasso was still alive, the result of his superheroes and villains inspired series would come close to these artworks. WonderBros, the design company who made these compositions, called it "Artworks so awesome it will melt your face off!" I have always been a big fan of their blog and I love love love these artworks. Long live superpowers!!!

Photo credit: WonderBros

r j - i n v a d e s

The marriage of high-end timepiece house, RJ Romain Jerome and retro gaming culture, Space Invaders is a definite match made in heaven for rich Space Invaders junkies! Available in two 78-piece limited editions, one with colored Invaders and the other with white ($TBA). These watches are made from steel combined with fragments from the Apollo 11 capsule and designed like a strongbox. Ready to conquer and facilitate. RAD!

Photo credit: RJ