b e a t s - b y - d a d

As usual, my dad was listening to his music in the living room. When I asked him what he was listening to, he told me that I needed to learn Andrea Bocelli's Somos Novios so that he and I can sing the song as a duet someday. I am familiar with the song but hearing the title of the song planted an immediate crave of wanting to hear it again and this is when I noticed something unexpected. I saw my Dad's sweet Beats headphones! I was looking at those headphones at the apple store not too long ago and was only able to put it in my wish list. I asked my dad, "Do you know who Dr. Dre is Dad?" He smiled and said yes but I knew he didn't so I started educating him on Dre. As soon as I finished talking, my Dad smiled even wider and with bewildering eyes said, "I have the beat box speakers too!" Hahaha... Incredible. After all these years, I now know where I got my 'cool-genes' from. 

Photo credit: Adinda S

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