b a r - m u t

L'Anxoveta Pressumida S.L
Pau Claris, 192-Barcelona
Tel: 93 217 43 38

 Pulpo Brasa (Grilled Octopus)

Atun Con Cerezas (Tuna with Cherry)
Navajillas (Bamboo Clams)

 Groc (2010) I love the graphic design of the wine bottle. Giraffe! :)

Carpaccio Huevos Fritos (Fried Eggs Carpaccio)

Croquetas de Espinacas (Spinach Croquettes)

The locals said that Bar Mut is one of the best tapas bar in town and I say that it is the best tapas bar ever! Having no printed menu, the choices of dishes varies every day which makes Bar Mut really special. My favorite dish of the night was the Pulpo Brasa (Grilled Octopus). My stomache is already longing for the delicious taste from just talking about it. I'm already pampered with such good food on my first night in Barcelona. I wonder what other delectable delights await for my taste buds tomorrow and the day after that. Whatever it is, I am sure that it will be amazing! Looking forward to the next culinary exploration.

Picture credit: Adinda S

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