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I had brunch at the Sothebys auction house in New Bond Street and was very lucky to have been able to see a preview for the collection of their Contemporary Art Evening pieces, which will be exhibited later on this month. I wish I had taken my G12 camera out with me but I suppose mobile photography proves to be better than I thought.

 Warm Blini with Smoked Salmon and Creme Fraiche

 Summer Pudding with Clotted Cream

 Abstraktes Bild (1991)- Gerhard Richter

 Jean-Michel Basquiat's Untitled and Harlem Paper Side by Side

 Untitled (1981)

This engaging and combative warrior-figure painting is such an amazing Basquiat piece! An interesting artist who addresses concerns of race, identity and mortality through art. He started off as a graffiti artist in the late 1970's in New York City.

 Muletero (1990)  

Corrida or bullfight, recognised to be Miquel Barceló's most important series. He shows the mysticism and importance surrounding the spectacle of man battling with nature. Powerful and dramatic. These photos does not do the painting justice!

Photo credit: Adinda S

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