d a l í - m u s e u m

Figueres translates to 'fig trees' in Catalan. The town is located around 2 hours from Barcelona. It is the birth place of Salvador Dalí and houses Teatre-Museu Gala Salvador Dalí, a museum dedicated to Dalí's work and influences. The museum was fully designed and artistically thought out by the artist himself and first opened it's doors in September 28, 1974. I have waited for so long for this day to come and it was truly an unbelievable experience. Remarkable is an understatement. The experience was overwhelming and screaming with eccentric creativity. The Dalí museum is such an important educational treasure of the arts!

The Scuba Diver Statue is placed above the main entrance of the museum to invite visitors to swim into the deepest darkest waters of the soul, in this case Salvador Dalí's.

The Basket of Bread (1945)

 Figures Lying On The Sand (1926)

 The Spectre of Sex-Appeal (1934)

 Portrait of Pablo Picasso in the Twenty-first Century (1947). A piece from a series of portraits of Geniuses.

 Enigmatic Elements in A Landscape (1934)

The Crypt Where The Artist Was Burried

Untitled (1983). "Queue d'aronde" and Cellos from the Catastrophes Series. The last piece Salvador Dalí painted before his death.

Photo credit: Adinda S


  1. Truly incredible! I want to go again. I missed a floor because we were running out of time. I also wanted to explore Figueres! Such an attractive little Spanish town.