l o n g - n e c k s

Tumbling on INSPIRATION and JUST-FOR-FUN facts never fails to put a smile in my brain! :D
  • This long neck mammal was considered the "queen of beasts" by Arab prophets and poets for what they considered to be its delicate features and fragile form.
  • The giraffe's circulatory system has been studied by NASA which hopes to replicate the giraffe's ability to keep blood from pooling in its lower body for astronauts returning from space.
  • The first giraffe that was introduced to China was brought from Somalia in the year 1414, during the Ming Dynasty.
"Tribute giraffe" from Bengala(Bengal), by Shen Du in 1414

Photo credit: Las Cuellos Largos
Facts credit: Wikipedia


  1. kirra is a giraffe lover, as well. she has a few clothes with giraffe. such a beautiful animal, with a lovable face.

  2. Joanie, first of all, thank you for following my blog! :D I just did the same to yours. I hope I will get to meet little Kirra, the giraffe lover, soon.