l e i c a + i p h o n e 4 = i 9

I honestly don't know where to begin. I was so speechless, frozen with my mouth open in front of my computer, when I saw this. I ask myself, is this for real? The production branding team of Black Design Associates, my new found heroes, have come up with the brainy marriage of the Leica i9 and the iPhone 4. Slipping your iPhone 4 into the back of the i9 brings the fixed-lens rangefinder camera to life. It activates the compact optical zoom, aperture and shutter dials, flash and light meter, which beyond any doubt, will result in images nothing short of Leica's established and remarkable reputation. I feel ecstatic about this news because it's just stupendous! You will have to no longer dwell on having to choose between your hand-held camera and your favorite iPhone photo apps. So to answer my question of this being real or not, well the answer is 'not yet' as there is no sign that the i9 will even reach the prototype phase.

People say that the invariable mark of a dream is to see it come true. I'm confident that every shutterbugs and apple junkies out there will dream with me on this. Let me just end this note with an inspiring video montage from Leica and Magnum Photos.

"Leica could be like a big passionate kiss, 
or then again like a shot from a gun,
or a couch of a psychoanalyst.
You can do anything with a Leica."
(Photojournalist & Founder of Magnum Photos)

Photo credit: Black Design Associates
Video credit: Leica 

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