c r a z y - j o e

Indonesian funkadelic rock band, AKA, was founded in May 1967 in Surabaya. The members of the group consist of Ucok Harahap (keyboard/main vocals), Syech Abidin (drums/vocals), Soenata Tanjung (main guitar/vocals), and Arthur Kaunang (bass). AKA stands for 'apotik kali asin' which literally translates to 'pharmacy of salty river' in English. A tad unusual for a band name but at least the weirdness meshes well with the identity of their music and interestingly the name derived from an actual pharmacy that Ucok's parents owned which is also a place where the band used to practice. AKA's sound was popular amongst young Indonesians of that era; a time where eccentric rock was considered taboo. This particular track was released in 1972 and I'm so psyched for this find. Why can't we produce and exhibit originality as we have in the past? Music needs to be rediscovered!

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