y i n & y a n g

"The Yin & Yang Dogs" Apr 24 - May 15, 2011Wijaya 1 No. 39

Congratulations! (Sanchia T Hamidjaja)

"Lost/Found" (Acrylic on Canvas): This piece was inspired when Sanchia lost her pug, Ringo. I take delight in the fact that I got to enjoy art as well as play Where is Ringo.

 There is Ringo!

"The Yin & Yang Dogs logo Puzzle" (Resin, Polyurethane Paint)

"Still from Loyally Bored"


Chinese people believe that the black and white shapes within the yin and yang circle represent the interaction of two energies, which causes everything to happen. Similarly, such energies were accidentally sighted during a random night, when two hound breeds cuddled in the shape of the yin and yang symbol. I was introduced to Sanchia's Ringo (a white male pug) and Kwamee (a brindled female french bulldog) yesterday at her first solo exhibition. These dogs are the core inspiration behind "The Yin & Yang Dogs" series. Aside from the creative dimension and talent used to portray the lives of two very adorable characters, the overall display unwrapped a feeling of giddiness. I was smiling and laughing and completely drawn to their stories. Must love dogs!

 The Legends

Photo credit: Adinda S

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